Meet Our Team

Allison Van Wey, Director & Job Developer, CESP

Allison Van Wey founded Employment Connections Inc. in March of 2016. Working in both the social services and job development fields since 2011, Allison has built a solid foundation in the community, strengthening relationships and working effectively with local employers to place clients in successful long-term employment. She is devoted to assisting individuals gain self-sufficiency and independence through job placement, and continually expands work opportunities through networking with community partners and employers. Allison believes a successful job placement matches an employer with an employee whose interests, skills, lifestyle and support needs fit perfectly within an employer’s business, while also providing individuals with long term employment and sustainable wages.

Wendy Gillespie, Job Coach


Wendy Gillespie has a long background in social services, working for nonprofit organizations, and is a psychology student pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Oregon. Wendy joined the Employment Connections team in April of 2021 and enjoys helping others learn and develop tools and skills that will set them up for success in the workplace. Wendy is devoted and understanding towards the needs of ECI’s clients and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. Wendy values accountability, fairness, inclusion, respect, and integrity. She enjoys the tight-knit, positive atmosphere at ECI and upbeat, can-do attitude of the staff.

Jacob Hope, Employment Specialist Assistant


Jacob Hope has a background in computer science and a long work history with non-profit organizations. As an Employment Specialist Assistant, he provides support to the rest of the team with a variety of tasks, including job seeking, application submission, and general office tasks. He specializes in portfolio development, with particular focus on cover letters and resume building. Jacob understands how difficult the job search process can be, and strives to provide support services to give ECI’s clients a competitive edge. He enjoys the calming atmosphere and friendly staff at ECI, and finds great satisfaction in a successful job placement.

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