• What is Vocational Rehabilitation and who is it for?
    •  Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a state-funded program that assists people in finding out what type of work is best for their skills and abilities, and helps them to obtain such work. VR is for any person experiencing a disability that makes it challenging to find work over time, whether they have a Master’s degree or no GED. For more information Click Here
  • What are the benefits of hiring someone in the OVRS program?
    • Employers see greater rates of attendance, motivation and reliability from our clients, as our clients genuinely desire long-term, appropriate employment that matches their skills.
      Our clients also qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which reimburses a portion of wages paid to the employer, providing a financial benefit in addition to our clients’ other contributions on the job. For more information Click Here
  • My company is hiring; how may I contact your clients to start the screening process?
    • Thank you for your interest! Please contact us using your desired method so we may discuss your hiring needs in detail and refer qualified candidates to you. We are excited to connect with new employers and form mutually beneficial relationships.
  • I am interested in receiving services through Vocational Rehabilitation, how do I apply?
    • Call your local VR office for details on the application process and further information on the program. For more information and to find your local office click here.

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