Resources for Employers

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

    • The WOTC is a Federal tax credit for employers who hire qualifying individuals. Every employee a company hires from ECI qualifies for this credit. Employers generally can earn a tax credit equal to 25% to 40% of a new employee’s first-year wages, depending on how many hours the employee works.
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Federal Bonding Program (FBP)

    • The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding for hard-to-place job applicants. The mission of the program is to provide peace of mind to employers that they may safely provide job opportunities without taking a risk, and provide opportunities for individuals seeking stability and growth. This bond has no cost, no paperwork, or other inconvenience to the employer, and provides 6 months of coverage.
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Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

    • Employers may be daunted by the thought of providing accommodations for their employees, or may face confusion when trying to understand the limits of reasonable accommodation while remaining compliant with the law. This site offers a wealth of information on understanding what reasonable accommodation is, and is not. This site also provides links to practical guides, ideas, and technical publications to aid the employer and employee in finding solutions that promote efficiency and productivity.
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Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion

    • Employers are increasingly learning that to be inclusive of individuals with seen and unseen disabilities means that they gain access to a larger variety of talent, skills and ideas that promote growth, creativity and morale in the workplace. This site shows a host of benefits for a business that practices inclusion and offers strategies on recruiting, hiring, retaining and fostering an inclusive culture in the workplace.
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